Ed Jarvis

IDA Asset/Airport Manager 

Louisa County Airport (KLKU)

Ed Jarvis joined the Industrial Development Authority (IDA) of Louisa County in April 2017. His current job is IDA Asset/Airport Manager. 

Prior to joining IDA, Ed worked for Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Unmanned Aircraft Systems Division. Prior to FAA he worked for MITRE Corporation in the Center for Advanced Aviation System Division (CAASD) as a Lead Aviation Analyst and Canada Country Manager. Additionally, he was a member of the Terminal Area Navigation (RNAV) Procedures working group whose support included facilitation of the implementation process and engineering support for the design and implementation of RNAV routes. Ed retired from the US Air Force where he spent his Air Force career in aviation as an air traffic controller holding jobs such as Facility Manager, Controller in Charge, Air Traffic Specialist, Airspace Manager, and Chief of Training and Standardization.

Ed holds a commercial pilot certificate, UAS Operator and is instrument rated in airplanes single/multi-engine. Certified General Services Administration (GSA) Interagency Federal Aviation Safety Officer and was a FAA designated Control Tower Operator (CTO) Examiner. When not working he either flies his Liberty XL2 or his BMW motorcycles!